The Uniqueness of Christmas


Christmas is the most expected day by all Christians in the world. Normally, Christmas identics to the Christmas tree, Christmas wreath with 4 advent candles, and of course, Christmas songs. The meaning of Christmas itself is to celebrate the birth of Messiah, Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago in Betlehem. However, the ways to celebrate are different from country to country.

In Germany, the tradition of celebrating Christmas or Weihnachten begin when the church entering the Advent age. The advent age is marked with the existence of Christmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt, where these seasonal markets sell many kinds of Christmas miscellaneous, winter needs, and Christmas foods and beverages. Weihnachtspyramiden or Christmas pyramid becomes one of Christmas Market’s characteristic that present a real Christmas tree. Besides, Christmas cookie, Stollen (dried fruit with sugar on top), Lebkuchen (spice herbs cookies), Glühwein (warmed-wine) are the most wanted meals from the market.

In the mass of Christmas’ eve, the churches are usually full of happy people. The attendants of the church are not only the Christians who used to pray, but also non-Christians who wanted to celebrate and enjoy Christmas.

After the mass is over, usually it is continued with family dinner. The special dinner menu on Christmas’ eve are Weihnachtsgans (a special Christmas roast-goose), Schäufele (smoked-ham), Wurst (sausage) with potato, Sauerkraut (fermented thin-sliced cabbage) and fresh salad. The last menu on dinner are mostly sweet food, such as fruit crème and chocolate or vanilla sauce Bratafeln (roasted-apple).

          In Asia, Philipines is one of the country which celebrate the Christmas uniquely. In this island country, the celebration is held a week before Christmas. The special mass is held from December 6th to 24th in the morning which is called by “Misa de Gallo”.

          After the mass, they usually serve many kinds of food made from rice. After midnight mass, many Filipinos will gather to enjoy the dinner together with the special menu, such as full roast-pig, smoked-ham, and many kinds of cheese. Do you know? Almost all of the Filipinos say “Merry Christmas” to everyone they meet around the Christmas day.

          Still in Asia, there is a country which is has a unique Christmas celebration. We all know that Christmas tree is from pine tree, but not in India. In India, Christian people use mango tree or banana tree as the Christmas tree. Many houses are also decorated with mango leaves.

          In South America, Brazil is one of the country with a unique Christmas tradition. The Christians will have a Christmas’ eve mass which is called “Missa do Galo” until 1 a.m. In Christmas day, they will have a mass in the afternoon. Dances, Christmas songs, and firework party are the parts of Christmas celebration in Brazil until January 6th, which is the feast day of Three Kings

          Brazil also has a dinner tradition, which is called with “Ceia de Natal” (Christmas Dinner). They usually serve special roast-turkey that has been smeared with champagne and spices before it cooked.

          Like in America, in Africa, there is also a country which is has a unique Christmas celebration. Maybe almost all of the Christmas tradition is same with European countries, such as decorating the Christmas tree, having a Christmas mass, etc. But, Kenya has some unique Christmas foods. It is called “Nyama Choma” (roast-goat). The way to cook it is similar with barbeque. Usually, Nyama Choma is served with Kachumbari (fresh chopped-tomato, onions, pepper, and parsley). Kachumbari is a traditional salad from East Africa.

          Well, there are the unique Christmas celebrations around the world. I hope it can be your reference to make your day in Christmas day!


By Claudia Agustyadini W. (9A)